Ensure all of your firm's messages are secure with encryption. Mayflower provides email services and solutions to guarantee your emails are safe through transit and are in control of the entire process. 


Penetration Testing

Mayflower tests your firm's electronic defenses, firewalls, and IP addresses and evaluates them to see if they can be exploited. These inspections will be an ongoing process as more threats and offerings arise. This will ensure the strength of your system's security.

Mobile Device



Manage mobile devices and keep your firm's data secure by controlling what client information your staff sees on their phones and tablets. Any staff member that wishes to get emails or look at client data signs a policy and allows management to install monitoring onto that device.



Mayflower is able to automatically send out every patch that is identified as critical to all employee workstations the night that it’s released. Patches are installed outside of business hours to ensure zero interruption to your firm, and a notification is sent to Mayflower personnel.



Increase your law firm's security by educating your legal staff in understanding and applying concepts regarding security. Keeping them aware of possible threats and contacting Mayflower's support team when questionable links arise, reduces the possibility of potential threats to your business.

Mayflower advises, implements, and maintains the best practices to keep your data secure.