Chief Technical Officer
(CTO) Role 

Mayflower provides you with insight into how other firms operate, what their clients are demanding, and the changes that take place in the technical environment of the legal world.


Here at Mayflower, we treat our clients' expenditures like they were our own, and work alongside you to ensure that your technological resources line up with your firm's needs


We also aid in the completion of client questionnaires that require divulging sensitive information regarding your firm's internal practices. We identify what's currently in place and work with you to refine

those practices, while ensuring they continue to align with client expectations.

Written Policies


Media retention, cyber security, and disaster recovery are just a few of the types of written policies that are frequently requested.


Many firms having clients demand written policies, Mayflower assists in providing sample policies that can be used as a starting point to build upon so that it aligns with your firm's business. 



Let Mayflower handle your business' social media marketing for you. We publicize approved posts about your firm's accomplishments, honors, and update the contents of your website so that all of your information stays relevant.


We manage your newsletters and update your staff on company news, everything from new hires to achievements.

Implement your ideas with Mayflower.